Most Common Questions Asked From Family Solicitors

It is not easy to face family law issues and fixing it is complicated. To deal with this you must be familiar with the most common questions you should ask of family solicitors. These questions are the first question that you are going to ask them.

Here are these common questions:

Under divorce the common questions asked are:

  • How to get divorce?
  • What can be the common grounds to file it?
  • How much can be the cost?
  • How long does it take?


Getting divorce petition should be filed at court and you must have grounds to put in. The common grounds that you can put in are adultery, the spouse’s behavior is something that you are expecting not to be together anymore, being apart for 2 years and the spouse agrees and you both lived apart beyond 5 years, and the spouse that abandoned you for 2 years. All these must have additional details given.

About the cost it depends on the family solicitors but usually it is per hour. There is free consultation or first thirty minutes is charged. The normal timeframe for divorce is four to six months excluding the fixing of finances.

For unmarried couples or living together:

  • Since not married but living together, do any parties are entitled to something?
  • What happens if the unmarried couple has a child and they decided to split up?


If you are not married with your partner but living together, unfortunately the law is not giving automatic rights on both parties under this circumstance. Unless you have a contribution to the deposit of a purchase or gave money for the improvement of the house, you must definitely have claim. But then legal advice is still best.

Now if there is a child you both have but you are not married, you will still have the parental responsibility that will be for the welfare of your child. If there is anything cannot agree on, family law can be of help.

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Involving children:

  • What is the parental responsibility and how to get it?


This will be regarding the responsibility of the parents to make good decisions for their child like education, religion, health, and where the child lives. However there is still extensive list of the parent’s responsibilities, not only those.


  • How to work out on child maintenance?

It would be best to agree on figure regarding child maintenance but the usual calculations can be: 15%, for 1; 20%, for 2; 25%, for 3.

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There are many line ups of concerns regarding family law, but the divorce, child arrangements, and unmarried couples living together are the most common cases that are handled by family solicitors. Learning each of them can be complex and family solicitors are playing important role to get the rights that you need for you or your family.